Friday, October 2, 2009

Eeriely insecure

It's amazing how the smallest of items will seem like a big deal to someone else.

I will leave things up to your imagination with regard to this. :P

Well, today, the whole family (JCo included ) will be making a trip (2hour drive) to Muar. Tonight, my FIL will be throwing a dinner buffet at his house in celebration of Sharon's wedding. We can look forward to lotsa good food again. :D I've baked approx 30 chocolate muffins to bring there as well. Hope they will be a HIT!

Tomorrow night, Sharon and CHris will host their Malaysian wedding dinner in Xin Xin restaurant in Muar. I am SO GLAD I did not have to go through with that when I got married to Alan. *phew- wipe sweat off brows* Saved myself alot of hassle when my inlaws invited their relatives up to Singapore instead of us travelling down. :D

Be back on Sunday to rest and relax before Alan embarks on another stressful week at the office.

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