Saturday, October 10, 2009

Split & Sew

PHeW. Just "knocked off" from baby delivery class. We were at Christine's from 930am - 1230pm and then 2-5pm. Learnt relaxation techniques (which almost put us to sleep), breathing procedures, etc etc. I brought my moist banana cake ( I had baked the previous evening) to class to offer to all - it was a hit during tea times. hahaa

During lunch (1230-145pm), we went to have wanton mee at the coffeeshop and then picked up a ladder (RM200) for the house. Alan hauled it back to Christine's to be placed in the car and we had a short snooze before the class started.

At 145pm, Christine screened a traumatising tape on childbirth and I watched in growing horror as a little blue alien was squeezed outta the womb of a woman in 1988. Jiu ming ah. It makes me wanna forgo childbirth. Immediately!

At 5pm, after dismissal, we bade our teacher Christine behind and headed to Bangsar Shopping Village. We bought a small basket to store Ethan's shower essentials and another small little compartment for Alan's loose screws (for his RC car lah). We also purchased some light bulbs and florescent tubes for the car porch lights which had blown. Our aim : TO make our car porch really bright and unwelcoming for all the would-be robbers!

After dropping the stuff at home and a quick shower, we left for dinner at Robson's with En. Our maid is putting on a heck of a lot of weight and tonight we saw why: We had one claypot herbal chicken, one steamed fish, 2 huge prawns steamed and 1 plate of stir fried veges. Now we are relaxing at home again (Alan is busy spray-paintining YET another car body for his RC car.)

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