Friday, October 9, 2009

Madness in Bangsar

With the proliferation in criminal activities in Bangsar Baru, Alan and I have put in more measures to make sure our home is a safer place.

Yesterday, Mr Iron Grilles came to take measurements. Disregarding aesthetical value, we are installing iron grilles on the low wall adjourning our next door neighbour's house. It was their miserable excuse of a fence (those holely green wire things) and this very low wall that enabled the agile robber to get into our compound, in the first place.

He skipped over their green wire fence and hopped onto the huge water filter system (conveniently placed just beside the wall) and then heaved himself over our wall without much effort a week ago to steal Alan's shoes. All in all, Alan lost 3 pairs of business shoes (one brown pair which he paid a fair bit and was worn only a couple of times and once during our wedding dinner) and a pair of Crocs (orange with lace that Alan likes alot).

The SCARIEST part of it all, was that after the bugger made away with the shoes at 1230am, he came back again at 450am (on the same morning), and peered into our next door neighbour's house to see if more loot could be obtained. OMG!

After discussing our SOP against such perpetrators (which includes hammering nails to a long thick stick and beating the life outta the robber(s)), grilles was one of the solutions. We also upgraded our CCTV system outside the house to capture the identities of the robber(s) in greater details - soon we will be able to see how many nostril hairs they are sprouting...

Also, I've gotten myself a PANIC BUTTON. It's mobile (which is good) and once pressed will activtate our screeching , ear-piercing sirens , at anytime of the day / night. I insisted on it after hearing the trauma of Alan's friend.

MY( her initials) lives a few lanes down in the same vicinity. Whilst she was outta town two days ago, her father heard noises coming from downstairs in the house at TEN AM. He went down to investigate and witnessed three men trying to break into their house. They were equipped with crowbars and all and had already pried open the padlock. Thankfully, they were unable to get into the house because the grille sliding doors were locked as well.

And apparently, a week or two ago, there was another case (as shared by the next-door maid) along our same lane of a break-in on a Sunday Morning at 1030AM! The robbers in Malaysia really are very ballsy / desperate. They DARE to break in in BROAD DAYLIGHT. Amazing, but true.

I wanted to invest in a Rotteweiler for our front porch. But when we leave KL for home eventually, what's going to happen of him? *sigh* There's absolutely no space for 3 (we hope to fetch Ash home to live with us) doggies, 1 baby (by then toddler) , 1 maid and Alan and myself. *sigh* Hence, the structural measures put in place.

I wish the police / Residents' Committee here would do more about it. All the residents here are sitting ducks, just waiting to be targetted. Apparently, the old aunty who lives two doors away had her gold chain snatched whilst she was on a walk with her pals one day as well. And another neighbour had his house broken into when he and wifey were out for lunch from 1130am - 1230pm one fine day. This is MADNESS!

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