Monday, July 20, 2009

Another tiring weekend

Friday 17 July 2009

After Dania left from class, I decided to treat Alan to a nice meal since he had been working so hard on our new house. The poor fella is so haggard and tired-looking that the wife's heart is pained!! :(

We made our way to the crowded The Gardens Mall and had ourselves a yummi-licious mega meal at Tony Romma's. Alan wanted his coveted Pork Ribs but we again realised, to our disappointment that no pork was served in the restaurant, even though it's not halal and they serve alcohol. *sigh*

He settled for a combo meal, made up of 1/4 chicken and some beef ribs and I had half a chicken roasted to fill my belly.

Saturday 18 July 2009
Tired out from the whole week, we slept in this morning and only left the house at around 2pm. We each had a hot chocolate and shared a blueberry cheese muffin before popping into Cres for our monthly facial.

After the beauty regime, we walked around MVMM. We needed bedsheets/ comforter etc for the guest room (and we need them soon because my inlaws / mum is coming) but there was nothing nice at Jusco and even Aussino. :P

and went to purchase and pick up the baby's changing table. I used my voucher and got 25% off but it still cost RM524. *sigh. Having a babe is expensive man!

Because of our induced stupor, we were very very lethargic and decided to have a quick dinner at Subway before heading back home to rest.

Sunday 19 July 2009
We were at the park again at 930 - 1030am for Coco's weekly training. Mdm Yap, the nice trainer also allowed Jay Jay to join in the class for a refresher course. haahhaa. Both doggies did well and we quickly left once the class ended to dump them back at home, take a shower and then head down to our new house. (Coco tired out from his training)

We met Vivian, our ID there at around noon and after some discussion, treated her to d'lish at Bangsar Shopping Village for lunch. I had the yummy Vietnamese Phoa and Alan had his Sphagetti Marinara. Vivian settled for a salad as she was like 1/2 a vegetarian. ahahha.
After that, it was off to Jln Ipoh to choose our lights. We chose the downlights for all the rooms, and also a pendent light for our dining area and one big pendent light for our staircase area. Alan also chose this futuristic 3-bulb foyer light for our car porch. Time flew by and it was almost 4pm when we all left.
Our next stop was SS2 to pick up our electronic appliances. Before we picked out our items, we each had a yummy Secret Recipe cake next door. Alan finally decided on the Toshiba fridge and the LG washing machine. We also picked up a microwave together. All appliances will be delivered on 11/8 a couple of days before we move into the house.

Although exhausted, we headed next to Laura's shop in Sungei Besi. I needed to custom make a big cabinet for my tuition stuff (to accompany the tuition table in our living room #2) and Alan, Mr Perfectionist, discussed with Laura the dimensions whilst I stoned away in the corner, fatigued.
Dinner was at PJ and our usual Ipoh chicken rice haunt. Alan then popped in next door to pick up his prizes from a DVD shop which we had purchased some items from around 2 months ago. hahaha We had taken part in a luck draw and won the consolation prize of 1 dvd, 1 cd, 1 blue -ray and 1 mtv disc. quite cool huh? We picked up two more drama serials to join our collection - 1 about the HK immigration department (which Zesa says is exciting) and the other about a pyschiatrist (which Zesa says is interesting). My daughter is a dvd-addict!

After that, we headed home super zonked out but very fulfilled. zzzzzzzzzz

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