Thursday, July 23, 2009

crawl away

This week has been crawling past amist sprained asses and flu-like syndroms, the scolding of students and hearing the naggings of their concerned parents. I havent really packed for Australia yet. Have been very lethargic and slow in e'thing I do.

My ankles are swollen yet again and I tire even more easily than before. Perhaps it's due to the flu? On a brighter note, Ethan hasn't been kicking o-so-violently anymore - just once in a while, especially 3/4 way through dinner (as he savours all the good food). He is mostly starved during lunch as I make do with a sandwich or (like yesterday) when I had Korean Instant noodles (yuMZ!) Most of the time, I try to buy back my lunch during dinner the night before.

There's again absolutely nothing in the fridge sans the big big moulds of birds nest and some dried scallops. One can hardly have birds nest with scallops for lunch, can I? hahaha.

This morning, I woke up to Coco's vomit and diahoerra. *sigh* The poor baby is SICK! N his poor Mum (me lah) had to bathe him and clean him up immediately after she woke up. What a nice way to greet a Thursday eh? :P

I have tuition later with the twins and tomorrow I have two classes - one with Dania and the other with Hayden and that will mark the end of my 'work week'. and then it's time to pack my bags and fly to the land where cows roam. :D

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