Tuesday, July 21, 2009

A 3 hour Power Cut!!!!!!!!

Monday 20 July 2009

We went to our house again after Alan had knocked off from work. This time, the mission was to choose the colour of the paints for the various walls. Once that was done, we proceeded to Robson's for something Alan had been craving for in a while... CRABS.

We ordered two big, big (but turned out small small and insignificant) chilli crabs, deep fried buns and also a claypot toufu with veges and munched our way to the high heavens. We double boiled birds nest for the baby, mummy and daddy also as a nutritious dessert and to wash down the oil. hahaha

At 3am, I was awoken to a room of stuffiness and stillness. SHIT. The power supply had been cut. Now if you didn't know already, KL is well-known to have unstable power supply and during the wee hours of this morning, this cruel fact proved true.

I initially did not want to wake Alan and tried my best to keep still and not perspire but when he roused , we both went to check the circuit box only to find out that the whole neighbourhood was in darkness. (kinda scary, imagine) We both went back to bed after a while (and after opening the windows) and tossed and turned for all of 3 hours before the power came back on at 6am.

What a horrible experience. :P

Tuesday 21 July 2009

I just had Hayden for 1+ hour again, in my stupor. Luckily I had slept in till 9am but this did not remove much fatigue. I shall rest again later. I can only imagine how tired Alan is today, at work. Poor thing!

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