Friday, July 17, 2009

Fish Head curry wonders

Wednesday 15 July 2009

Happy Birthday Sharon!!! :)

After tuition at 8pm today, we went out for a feast at Robson's. Both of us were starving and we ordered a steamed fish, fried pigs intestines and also a plate of vegetable.

Thursday 16 July 2009

We headed out early to visit a nursery (NO NO NOT THE BABY TYPE) to try to get someone to do up our garden. However, the nursery at Klang Lama did not offer such services and specialises mainly in bonsais. hmmmm According to Lilian Too, one should not have bonsais in one's house because it represents stunted growth and little progress. Anyway we are looking for colourful and pretty plants which need virtually no maintanence (I am THAT lazy).

We visited our house again but I didn't go in this time because workmen were still there and drilling away. Alan did his bit of telling the workmen what to do and then we went off to grab a bite. He brought me to eat Indian fishhead curry and fried sotong opposite Bangsar Shopping VIllage. This stall is like a makeshift one along the roadside which gives you the impression that you might have the runs after savouring its delectable fare. But since Alan had feasted there before and his weak stomach did not display any signs of antagonism, we concluded that this preggers mama could follow suit as well.

The fish head was HUGE and we gasped as the Indian server laid it down on our table in front of our very eyes. All the same, we polished off every bit of meat and even had the stomach to enjoy the 4 fried squid that accompanied our meal. hahahaa. The bill (including 1 teh terik) = RM 50. Quite worth it , huh?

Friday 17 July 2009

I have 4 hours of classes lined up today and we have decided against catching Harry Potter this evening because after I finish class it will be already dark. Tomorow we will be going to MVMM perhaps to visit the furniture exhibition (again??!!) and also for our coveted facial at Cres at 3pm. YaY!!! My face needs salvation!!!!!

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