Saturday, June 13, 2009

Our weekend plans :)

June 12 2009 (Friday)
After a tiring tuition (my first of the week), we headed to Mid Valley again for some 'life'. We tried out a restaurant on the top level of the mall, very near the cinema called 'LaManila' and were amazed to notice the wide variety of food served. We had always walked past it when enroute to the movies and tonight, I cajoled Alan to give it a shot!

Alan and I had a set dinner each which consisted of a big bowl of curry mee (yum) and iced soya bean milk. The meal cost only RM10.80 + each. At 9pm, we watched the 3-D version of Monsters Vs Aliens. Pretty entertaining and I like the bug which turned into a butterfly in the end. hahaa. Bob the Blob was quite a goondu but very very cute as well!

June 12 2009 (Saturday)
Today, we went back to MVMM to get our sorely-missed, long-awaited hair cuts to prevent us from looking like curry puffs any longer. But before that, we needed to 'hug the Buddha's leg' and we brought Coco downstairs for some training. He would be having his pre-novice obedience exam the next day and again, the parents are worried ... *cross fingers*

After getting a late brunch at the same restaurant which we had eaten at the night before, (ALan had hae mee soup and I, Ipoh Horfun), we walked past the exhibition hall and realised to our delight that it was "Games and Gadgets Day". hahaha. I could not not buy two games (Zoo Empire and G.H.O.S.T. Hunters - The Haunting of Majesty Manor) at RM24 each and surprisingly Alan walked out empty-handed. I guess it's because he had already bought the coveted Infamous from Sungei Wang the day before already. ahhahaha

We pretended to rush then and hopped into La Mode to allow Bill, our stylist , his hands on our hair. We left only at around 3pm, satisfied customers albeit bums aching. Alan paid RM800 for a package which gave us RM1000 value that day. Before I was done, he also hopped into the gaming shop upstairs and bought me SIMs 3- PC version. So that I can play with him on his Mac Version. ahahah

We headed out to SS2 area then and chanced upon Baby Jaya a 3 storey building which houses stuff for sale for baby care etc. The cot looked quite sturdy and pretty and we are considering it. Their selection of apparel is not the most fantastic though. I've realised that online , I can buy many items at a fraction of the cost and that's what I am going to do!

At around 6ish, we headed to a meepok stall which was featured in the local newspapers recently to check out its wares. Although it was mentioned that the dishes were ' filling', Alan and I had a hard time filling our tummies. The meepok was "OK" - not as nice as Singapore's and the bowl was very small. It was suffice to say that one bowl each did not satisfy the 2.5 of us. hahaa

We ordered , to supplement our meal, a bowl of Alan's fav fishball soup and then had to fry up another small plate of fried chee cheong fun. Initially, we wanted to take-out two bowls of their renowned fish paste porridge for bf the next morning but in the end, it was sold out. :( My ginger tea was delicious though and thick . Yumz. Any ideas on how to make ginger tea? It's addictive!

Then, it was back home to hang out with the little ones (the laptops I mean).ahahhaa We downloaded Sims and had a good time.

June 13 2009 Sunday

The day started out on a lousy note with the heat and the disappointment. We quickly discovered that Coco had a low IQ level and was not of the same standard as his brothers Ash and Jay Jay. :P Nevertheless, he passed the examination, although Alan's face was very black towards the end. :X hahahaa We are Monster Parents! This is scary news for the little unborn one. :S

After dropping the dogs off at home and having a quick shower, I was starving and we had a quick lunch at The Gardens foodcourt before Alan had to go enjoy himself at Cres. *sigh* Becos of my jail term, I was not allowed any massages and there was no free slot for facial that day. BooHooHoo. :(

I roamed around for the better part of that hour and bought some items at Art Friend. I am going to make little TK and princess out of some materials that I had bought. hahaha. I will also make Sharon and Chris their wedding card. :)

When Alan was done, we collected the car from the Car Wash and then quickly headed to Bangsar Pasar Malum to pick up items such as fruits / vegetables / seafood. Then, we tapaoed some assam laksa from the roadside stall for dinner and headed to TMC to buy some groceries.

When we were done, we quickly loaded the car and headed home for Super Sunday! YaY. hahaha

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