Tuesday, June 16, 2009

A Visit to Gleneagles

This morning, we headed to Gleneagles to visit a new gynae - Dr Ravi Chandran. He came recommended by our specialist in Camden Medical Centre, Spore so we wanted to consult him on what we should do following the HD ultra sound scan that the latter had done for us.

Our appointment was at 1020am and we turned up just a few minutes before then. However, we were told we had to wait as the doc had come in late due to a morning delivery. OK Then! We went to visit the delivery wards and the maternity wards as well. Both looked very cosy and non-threatening and I think Gleneagles is the way to go. :)

Back at the doc's clinic, Alan spent his time playing Sims3 whilst I self-entertained with magazines. It was almost 12 when Dr Ravi saw us. He put us at ease almost immediately and chatted with us. I gave him an update on the situation. Very soon, and after a body checkup, we were free to leave.

Alan brought me to a road-side stall nera his office which sold delicious duck / chicken / charsiew rice. We ate heartily, starving as usual. And then he dropped me off at Pavilion to while away my time.

I walked around and decided that nothing was worth buying. In the end, I caught a movie by myself - haaha You will not guess what movie I watched....*DrumRoll* HANNAH MONTANAH! My tian ah! In the end, the movie was quite sweet and when I got out, it was time to go home to cook 4 dinner.

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