Thursday, June 11, 2009

Thursday - Home Alone

Hello guys! I'm still waiting for Alan to come home. My company? The two little doggies and my Vaio and HBO! hahaha Just finished watching Spiderwick Chronicles and going to tune in to Fracture - a movie I've always wanted to watch! (YAY)

The haze was quite bad today - I took a picture from the 25th storey where I live to illustrate this fact. Terok huh? I went for a quickie

swim today and breathed some in. It rained (actually stormed) in the early evening and I was mighty glad it stopped so I could pop into the pool.

Anyway, does anyone have any suggestions for a venue of travel? Before I pop (EDD 9th Nov), I would love to take a trip. After that, it would be shackles to the Home for a long long time..*sigh*

Watched the movie Nine Months today on HBO- by Hugh Grant and Julianne Moore and I was suddenly fearful of the delivery of the child. Seems scary and all the moms were screaming away in utter agony. Jiu Ming Ah. Epidural Please!

Wish Alan will be home soon. The poor baby has worked very hard this week. :(

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