Monday, June 8, 2009

The Great Singapore Sale!

5 June 2009 (Friday)

We hopped into our car and drove back in a couple of hours and arrived in Singapore for a short and sweet shopping saga.

Too tired to begin shopping after the long journey though, we decided to settle for dinner at G7 Geylang. Mum and Ening joined us for the meal and we had succulent frog leg porridge, oyster ommelette, hotplate toufu and stir-fried long beans for dinner. Yumz. Another craving satisfied!

We stopped by the fruit stall along Tanjong Katong Road on our way home and picked out 7 durians for the price of 6 (3 for $10 only!) and some other fruits.

Then, it was home sweet home to sayang our Ashie dearie. Yvonne and Paul came over and we all chatted over durians and supplement fruits through the night. :)

6 June 2009 (Saturday)

Our first stop was Camden Medical Centre to allay our fears. Dr Anandakumar was very professional and his experience and his comprehensive high-def ultrasound scanning, coupled with his patient explanation put our fears at rest. :)

We headed next to Raffles City to have a quick lunch - we were ultra-disappointed to find out that our favourite beef noodles stall had either moved or closed down so we settled for mee pok but soon realised that the stall in the food court at Raffles City would not please our palates. :P

Then, we roamed around and did some baby-shopping. There was a pushcart outside the foodcourt and we bought 3 baby bibs for $15. We also went into Robinsons to shop around and ended up with a very lovely wooden rice container and two chopping boards for the new house. We did our calculations and decided that buying (baby) stuff in KL was much more worth the ringgit (dollar) and so we will pick up more baby items at the sales in KL instead.

Tired and thirsty, we headed to Canele (after I bought Alan a small camera bag at Crumpler to house his new Sony Videocamcorder) and bumped into Auntie Meng who was gossiping with a friend by the fountain. :) After promising her more catch-up chances, we had our yummy icecream and Vanilla Hot Chocolate to fill our bellies.

Alaln popped by Peninsula Plaza after that for afew items and I dozed off in the car whilst waiting for him to emerge with his purchases. True to his word, he emerged in 15mins :) To supplement the dinner, we swung by a Chinese Dimsum stall and I picked up some items (e.g. carrot cake, siew mai, egg tarts etc)

Home beckoned there and then we had a short rest and quick shower before everyone else turned up for a much anticipated MeeSIam dinner. Yay Everyone had a good time and watched in awe as the Vaio displayed video clips of our baby wriggling about in my womb. hahaha After the dinner and dessert (of durians/ fruits / cocktail logans / kuih etc), ALan and I brought Ash for a walk in the nearby park. :)

7 June 2009 (Sunday)

Today was a busy day.

Our first stop was Parkway Parade where Alan and I had a good meal in the foodcourt for brunch. I had my coveted Ban Mian (Mee suar) and he had his usual fix of Bar Chor Mee Pok (more vinegar pls).

After that, he bought Sim3 and a couple of other items. I had nothing to buy so I headed into Watsons to pick up some necessities to bring back to KL. Alan entered a Sony shop and emerged victorious with some printing paper etc for our new plaything (a free Sony printer that came with the purchase of our new camcorder).

Soon, it was time to head to CK Tangs at Orchard Road. We made a beeline for our favourite section ( I swear I am begining to enjoy being a housewife!) - The Household Appliances Section. We picked out a crock pot to double-boil the tonnes of birdsnest that my MotherInLaw had so generously bought me (and my baby), 3 tubs of soya beans, 1 WMF frying pan ( Alan couldn't resist and claims he NEEDS it to successfully fry his Aglio Olio), a ladle, a frying slice and a fruit peeler and a huge airtight container to store the birdsnest!

Next stop: Centrepoint (Robinsons). There were throngs of people there so we had to be focused and on task. We made up our minds to get the orange KitchenAid mixer (which came with a free recipe book) and then picked out a King Koil quilt on sale and a huggable bolster and bolster case for our new house (yay). There were also a couple of baby items we picked out and paid for. What a satisfying shopping experience!

Then, we popped by Crocs at Marina Square to choose a pair for Daddy in lieu of Fathers' Day. We added a smiley face and a cow button to spruce up the dark blue shoes. In 15mins we were done and it was TIME.

Dadinlaw, Muminlaw, my mum, Jean, Sharon and TK met us at Si Chuan Dou Hua for a fantastic dinner. At $38.80 per pax we could enjoy many-a-dish. We ordered soup after soup, fish after fish and other dishes like jellyfish, chicken, veges and more. We even polished off desserts like beancurd, herbal jelly, mango pudding, fruits etc. Before our buckles burst, we decided to call it a night at 945pm and left the restaurant after gorging on delicacies since 630pm!

8 June 2009 (Monday)

Before we left for home, we headed to Funan Centre for a last try to buy a certain item. Brunch was horrid and I didn't enjoy my nasi lemak at Qiji's one bit. :P Then, we went to visit Grandma at Bkt Merah and brought her a pack of chicken essence.

Then, we commenced our long journey home....

p/s: I apologise for the lack of photographs. My hands were full of shopping bags throughout the weekend. :P

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