Wednesday, June 10, 2009

H.A.Z.E. + Dinner

The haze is really bad in KL. When you look outta the window, no matter which hour of the day, the sky's a white blurry mess and the horizon is vague. The irony is that apparently the air is as fresh as fresh can get in Jakarta. Good grief!

Anyway, I coop myself up at home and which on the aircon 24/7 and try not to breathe so much (hahaha). But tonite, I need to venture out to Pavilion to accompany my sweetie husband for dinner with his boss and entourage.

The Boss is in town on a leisure trip with his mother and wife and three young children. We will be bringing them to the delicious Shabu Shabu restaurant I have blogged about around a month or two ago.

Tonight, Alan will also find out some interesting news... I shall not be a party pooper now. :X

After dinner:

It's around 11+pm now and we are back from the dinner engagement. We went to Shabu Shabu in Imbi and sat in the VIP room. The Lazy Susan was filled with glorious food and the scallops were almost as large as my palm.

This time round, I had shark cartiledge soup (to make up for the one I lacked in Si Chuan Dou Hua in Spore) and had lots to eat as usual. I chatted with Diana and the Ah ma (the wife and mom of The Boss, Joseph, respectively) and also played with his 6 yr old Carrie who is this lovely and chatty girl :) The Ah Ma and Diana gave me expert tips on how to be a good mum and I took mental notes as they dished out info.

Time flew by and soon the desserts were served. I savoured the egg tart and felt it melt in my mouth. hahaha. Damn good! The mango pudding was delicious as well. It was almost 1045pm when we bade everyone goodbye and went home to rest after a hectic day and night.

As for the NEWS - that one you have to ask Alan what info his boss from with him from Spore. haha

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