Monday, June 1, 2009

Our Weekend was Packed!

Friday 29 May 2009

I had Dania's class from 9am - 12pm and could barely open my eyes when Hayden came from 1230-130pm. After that , I treated myself to He's Just Not That Into You on DVD and then a short nap before Alan came home to whisk me off to The Gardens.

We had our movie premier Terminator Salvation booked at 645pm and so we enjoyed our dinner at Yoshinoya (RM6.90 for a meal!!!) and then bought pop corn (Alan's staple in movies). Along the way, we met Dania and her family who were also catching the same movie! ahaha
Saturday 30 May 2009

We woke up exceptionally early (for a Saturday) at around 930am and since Alan was craving for fishhead beehoon, we showered and got ready and headed to our fav stall at Taman Desa to satisfy the cravings.

After the meal ,during which Alan almost got choked by a fish bone (!), we made a beeline for Parkson at Pavilion as we had been told by a saleslady that there would be a baby fair there till the end of June.

Excitedly, we picked up baby clothes at a steal and Alan made payment for a Graco stroller that would have cost us SGD 300 more in Singapore! Amazing, but true! We also chose a Winnie The Pooh set (of mittens / booties / beanie) that was o-so-cute and a blanket and a baby bath tub. Ok ok, I know the baby's not due till Nov but it's easier to buy and stock up now then wait for the last minute yea? hahaha

After the shopping experience, we sat down to enjoy some dessert at a HK cafe and then went over to The Gardens for a good reason :to buy our new video camcorder! Alan's excuse? Oh he wants to record the baby...hahaha I think it's just his new toy-fetish!

We tried out the Thai Assam Laksa at the basement of The Garden (the shop which sells S-Bread) and boy was it mouth-watering! The sardine came in chunks and the gravy was thick and tasty. BAGUS!

After purchasing our new Sony for our Son, we then went to Jusco to satisfy my cravings - DURIANS! We bought two packets of durians of supposedly v good quality for RM60 and then headed home where we cooked our dinner of phad thai and steamed pomfret. Nice!

I was super tired from all that activity and retired early that around midnight!

31 May 2009 (Sunday)

The usual routine started at 730am when my alarm rang. Coco was having morning class today so we got ready and brought them to Taman Desa. The boys got very dirty again after the class and we headed home soon after.

After a brief rest, Alan and I ventured out for our brunch and had Japanese food at the basement of The Gardens at Sushi-Zen. We shared Unagi Don, Beef Ramen and also a Dragon Roll but burned our pockets at Rm69.

We also picked up some Japanese biscuits and munchies at the fair nearby...

Then, it was back to the camera shop to exchange / purchase some items and then HOME SWEET HOME!

After a 3 hour nap, we showered the dogs who were fluffy and sweet-smelling a while later and left for TTDI and a pub called Sid 34. This pub is run by a Brit and it is so special because Dogs are ALLOWED inside!! So un-Malaysian!! hahaha. We brought Jay Jay and Coco along in their best attire.

The Tan family (whose poodle goes for training in the same class as Coco) was already with Cloe their doggie and we all sat down together and ordered up some good food.

We were amazed at the number of doggies in the pub. There was even a Golden Retriever seated at the bar! Hahahaha. Dogs were allowed INSIDE the restaurant! Amazing!

Jay Jay was the star again (of cos) and many a lady walked up to me to ask for permission to pet my pooch. hahaha. He (jj) of cos entertained each and everyone and gave wet kisses freely. haahhaa. He was dressed in his little ladybug suit and thus looked even cuter than ever!
After the chitchat and great company, we left to head for home, exhausted but extremely contented at a weekend well-spent! :)

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