Wednesday, May 7, 2008

A sleepless night

The day after an entirely sleepless night. I must have woken up 5 or 6 times last night to pee / star into the darkness/ listen to weird beeping sounds / mentally plan my tuition lesson etc.
That was after my flu medication took effect somemore! As a result, today was utterly painful.

I had tuition with Salwa in a zonked-out state but managed to get my act together throughout the class. I swear I come alive only during tuition. (My GoD I sound Like a teacherholic!) She was very fun to teach - my most fun student so far - and the 41 year-old (she's my record holder) needs guidance in oral and conversational skills and reading and writing.

She wasn't what I expected (a tudung-wearing, kerbaya clad lady) but a funky gal who adorned herself with dangling ear-rings and a chunky bracelet to spruce up her top and jeans outfit. We warmed up quickly to each other and soon she was telling me her deepest darkest secrets!

After that 2 hour lesson, I dived into bed and caught some much needed snooze until Shireen called to postpone Hayden's lesson till tomorrow. Thankfully I agreed.

It was 6pm when Dania arrived and we had class till 8pm, during which my sweet potato soup was boiling on the stove. I gave a huge bowl to the Kuas and then went out for dinner (Robson's) with Alan.

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