Friday, May 9, 2008


ahhahaha.. This peiting ahhhhhh..

Anyway thanks flu's much better and the fever miraculously subsided on its own. I sleep better at night as well because ...Hmmm I also dunno the reason?

Well, 8 May 2008 brought the taitai Salwa to see me again from 1030-1230. She had got her driver to drive around the island in search of the grammar book I recommended ( and I sighed inwardly knowing that I should have sky-rocketed my asking fee) but still could not purchase it. We did "Keep the River on your Right" and I gave her loadsa homework since she cannot meet me next week because of her busy social-butterfly-schedule.

Before that lesson, Shireen had come aknocking with a challenge - Our "dear Mrs Jonathan" had issued Hayden with the Writing Tool Box and 'ordered' him to cough up a story by the next day. Shireen, admist her panic showered me with this ardous task.

Before my lesson with Hayden, I quickly prepared cut out cutesy drawings of a story we were going to create together of a little girl who had taken ill. I drew Mr Sun, 3 clouds, 2 flowers "dancing in the wind", a teddy bear, a doctor and big thermometer, medicine bottle with soup, teddy bear and present box and a little girl sleeping in bed. I also drew two cute little girls - one smiling, one frowning.

when Hayden arrived at 230pm, all was prepared and we immediately started on the storyline, whilst Shireen went home to smile on her couch (she confessed). By 345pm, all was completed and the story of The Wee Little Girl was done!! *Claps*

Because Shireen's hubbie was away, I invited both mother and son to dine at our place and hopped into the kitchen to whip up a storm.

By 8pm, a melon and ham soup, sweet and sour pork, lemon grass prawns and snow peas and mushroom dishes and red jelly dessert were awaiting our palates. Shireen was so 'kay-kee' and bought half a chicken, some loh-bar and steamed a fish to add to the meal as well.

We ate and chatted and chatted and ate and it was (amazingly) 10pm when mother and son trooped back into their apartment to rest.

9 May 2008

I have just ended class with my newest student, a 31-year-old lady who owns an ID firm. She's alright but needs more help with the basics. My back's hurting and I am feeling zonked out but I have two more classes - Corrina's and Dania's to deal with all of today.

Argh tomorrow's even worse. I have 4 full hours of tuition, one after another. YUCKS.

And Sunday I have two. I think I need a break from "taitaidom".

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