Monday, July 14, 2008

A Good Food Blog!

Hello dearies! It's a gloomy Monday and I have dedicated it to finishing off my proof-reading job. Ugh... I'm still at page 28 out of 50 and am trudging through. Ahhh I admit, I also have been distracted.

Today, I am cooking Bakutteh for dinner. It's a ready to cook package bought from Jusco containing herbs, wolfberries etc and a satchet of the 'all natural goodness'. ahahaha. I just added the pork ribs to the Japanese earthen claypot and started cooking it from this morning. It smells very good- and I am in the living room, mind you! hahaha

Another pot is also on the stove as I type. I am cooking beancurd skin with barley and gingko nuts as dessert for the hardworking husband. Last night, we went to Cold Storage and picked up those ingredients and today I surfed for the receipe to create the perfect FUZHU! Compliments to Ellena - do check out her food blog at Very comprehensive and detailed and coupled with oh-so-attractive pictures of mouth-watering delights. I shall aim to increase the girth of Alan and my stomaches and experiement with her cakes/ Chinese dishes when I have more time.

I am supposed to also prepare for class tomorrow at the Welfare Society. I am toying with the idea of using 1 hour to PC a poem "the First Day at School" - I just need to find it. Have taught this to lower sec students a few years back. Then, for the subsequent hour, at the request of vanasa, I will teach them composition-writing skills. Perhaps for the narrative first.

That's the plan. I just need to prepare for it. Now back to my remaining 22 pages of mind-boggling chemical equations!

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Ellena said...

Halo Sharon,

Thanks for dropping by my blog and your kind comments.... Wow.. so I guess u already had that Beancurb sheet and Gingko nut in your tummy by now rite... :) Hope you will find those recipes useful... Do give me your valuable feedbacks.... :P