Wednesday, July 16, 2008

PAINFUL First Day At School

hello guys n gals..

Just a quickie update before I hit the last few pages of the thesis again. Last night's session with the kids was mighty painful. As mentioned, I taught them the poem "First Day at School". Most of them, from the first line, to the last line didn't get what the poet was trying to say. As I noticed the yawns and frowns and slowly the slouching postures, my voice got louder and louder , trying to draw some enthusiasm. In the end, we emerged scarred and battle-worn but at least we finished PC-ing the poem.

Sigh.. Most of the children do not have a love for literature. I came out of the lesson realising how fortunate I was to have taught in CGS for those 7 years. In fact, the students had made me even more passionate for Literature and this subject was a joy to teach... errr can't say the same for English ahhh. hahaha.

anyway, after we finished the poem, the kids paid more attention as I explained to them, in the last 30mins of the class, the different types of "Continuous Writing" questions. It's the same as in Singapore - 5 different types. Girls u better be able to name all the 5!!!!

I also set them a story line as homework.

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