Monday, June 9, 2008

The Start of yet Another Week

It's 9 June and it's amazing how time flies. I will be heading for Hayden's in 7mins but just thought I'd pop in to say HI. Think Alex and Elaine are shopping their heads off in HK. Hope the weather's good. It stinks to be on tour and faced with gloomy weather conditions. N hope Elaine's shopping speed has increased. hahaha

I will be meeting Audrey (ah Neo) in Pavilion for tea on Thursday. Coincidentally, I've only a morning class that day. Pavilion's chill-out joints on the third floor deserve exploration and that's exactly what we shall do! :D

Then, I will try to make my way by foot to Alan's office. hahaha. N hope that I won't get lost again (like the previous time). hahah. O well. There's always Uncle Taxi or my ability to cajole the husband to pick me up or join me in Pavilion even admist the immense traffic jams. :P

Tonight's menu:

Stir-fry beef with spring onion and ginger
sambal kangkong
Crab Meat with Egg
Old Yellow Cucumber with Pork Ribs and dried scallops soup.

For dessert, Alan will be preparing his delicious honey-dew and sago. And I will dutifully distribute some to our neighbours. hahaha. YuMs

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