Friday, June 6, 2008

I can finally SMELL the WEEKEND!

Hey guys! It's FRIDAY! *claps* This week has passed by in a blur and whirlwind. Alan has still been coughing quite violently I must say and I have played the role of his nurse (sans the kinky uniform) to a T.

I, myself, have been fighting the Cough Bug that threatens to invade my throat with cups and cups of honey water and sour plums and whatever nots. We have just polished off another bottle of organic honey but I've already invested in a bottle of the finest Manuka honey from Eu Yan San for him on my quick solo trip to MVMM on Wednesday.

Nothing much to update really, as things have wound back to their mundane grind. Wonder what we will do this weekend? Judging from the fact that we haven't watched a movie in AGES, perhaps it will be time to hit the cinemas? Any good movies to recommend??? Hulk and Sex are not out yet in KL. hahaa

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