Friday, June 13, 2008

Happy Thursday at the Pavilion

Friday the 13th!

Hey guys. I am feeling super sleepy cos we slept at 2am last night. Waiting for my student to arrive..the one who is perenially late.

I spent the whole of yesterday lazing around and playing the isketch game. hahaha. it's the life but I fought away pangs of guilt eventually. I took a short nap before heading out to Pavilion to pick up our movie tickets and meet Alan for dinner.

Alan was slightly later and I browsed through the different shops to kill time. I ended up in Pull and Bear and had decided on a RM109 white shirt-top before Alan joined me. He then took a fancy to a pair of very expensive berms. N bought them after trying on different pairs.

Dinner - to save money- was at the food court and I patronized my fav taiwanese stall whilst alan ate kimchi maggie mee which could easily be cooked at home for him. ;p We then did a bit of shopping at Watson's and Speedy Videos and I finally bought my Sky Wu CD. It's like not in the market anymore and I was astonished to see it sitting on the shelf and staring at me as if calling out.

The movie, The Incredible Hulk was entertaining and at times, touching. The special effects were great but the popcorn failed to please (me). Alan has lower standards. ahahhaa.

We headed for home after that and then groomed Jay Jay with the eye Envy and also played a few rounds of iSketch before crawling into bed.

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