Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Our Plan for the week..

Umms.. Nothing much to update actually. I have just finished my lunch (Mr Potato and Mrs Carrot soup - the third party with a piece of pork rib and the fourth party was some cabbage) and am waiting for my two tuition lessons to start in a few hours time.

This week, there's plenty lined up:

Thursday's my meet-up with Audrey at Pavilion and then dinner with the husband. Hmmm shall we head to the prawn noodle place for dinner? Or try the bakuteh stall nearby? hahaah.

On saturday, after my tuition, we will be joining the Kuas to watch Kungfu Panda. We wanted to check it last weekend but it was so full and no good seats were left.

Sunday is Jay Jay day! We will attend class in the morning and then head to Ikano Power centre for the vet to take a look at his tear stains and shaky teeth. He has two molars above which are shaky and two teeth below growing side by side. Haiyah.. so many problems! Then, we will pop by Stylessentials to get Adrian to groom Jay Jay. What a long and tiring day for the poor lil pup! :(

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