Monday, June 16, 2008

Our weekend -tiringly fulfilling

Friday the 13th was spent alone at home. I had three tuition classes in the day - Phoebe's , Hayden and Avik's combined class and also Dania's. Alan went to karaoke after work with his colleagues and sang his lungs out and I sketched violently online in his absence, not missing him one single bit. kekekeke

Saturday 14th June

Alan went with Loh to view Wei Jin's new house and decide on the security systems to install for them. They will provide them top-notch systems and service, I have no doubt! :D
He brought back curry mee for me, courtesy of Wei Jin and we started our drawing fits into the early afternoon.

Then, we took a much needed nap, having slept at 3+ the previous day.

It was 5+pm when we finally left the house for some fresh air. We headed for KLGCC to throw some balls in the gutter. haahhaa Alan brought along his own ball and wore his own shoes (that spoke, if u know what i mean...). After 2 games each, we were aching away and decided that was enough torture for the day. (The total cost -for members- for two pairs of shoes, and 4 games in total??? RM14.70!!!!!!!) how amazing.

Dinner was at the Terrace and Alan had penang char kuay teow and I had mee rebus. We shared some tulang soup which was absolutely delicious!!! *claps*

We went to The Gardens next with the aim of watching a movie but amazingly, the seats were all sold-out. So we roamed around and ended up buying a purple clay teapot (we love tea) and some dark tea and green tea to neutralise all the sinfulness in our bellies.

And shopped at Robinson's to buy Alan a water tumbler to store his hot tea at work. ahhaha. So spoilt! We also contemplated buying the Corelle set but didn't in the end even though it is very suitable for the butter-fingered maid. :P

Sunday 16th June

Happy Fathers' Day Daddy! We love you lots!!!! :D

We woke up in time to bring Jay for his class. The teacher praised him for being an "EXCELLENT" student and we beamed in pride. But as the sunrays grew stronger, Jay grew irritable and refused to obey the "DOWN" command. I guess it's because the ground was dirty and his cushy lil' pillow wasn't there , all laid out for him. ahahhaa. The spoilt brat!!!

We zoomed down to Ikano Power Centre and visited the vet who determined that Jay should get his rotten teeth pulled out and his eyes ducts flushed due to excessive tearing. We will bring him to do that at a hospital the coming week.

Jay was also sent for grooming and we then headed for lunch, deciding to try Absolute Thai. The decision made was a great one as we savoured our meal delightedly. My spaghetti with basil leaves was flavourful and the papaya salad and the tom yum seafood soup did not disappoint. Only alan's pineapple rice was a little bland.

We then went into Ikea to buy some spoons. A few hours later, Rm280 poorer, we left Ikea, WITHOUT the spoons. hahahaa *faint*

Exhausted after transporting all the barang barang back home (toge with the irate and almost bald doggie), we rested for a short while and then decided to head to the Gardens for dinner.
Little Penang Kafe was our choice for that meal. My Acar fish set was OK whilst Alan's (extra cockles) laksa was quite delicious. I was adventurous and ordered a nutmeg drink too.
We then shopped at Carerrfour and stocked up for the week. :D The end.

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