Monday, May 26, 2008

It's the HoLiDaYs (In Spore)!!!

Ahhh congratulations all of you for getting through a hectic term...It's the holidays so embrace it (amist the hol 'extra' lessons, marking, courses to attend, CCA etc etc). Hope that at least ONE WEEK will be restful ;D
I was supposed to learn scuba diving with Alexis, Elaine and Wees this hols. Again, it has been called off. I wonder when there will ever be a chance?!? One of my things on my Bucket List would be to learn scuba diving. Ok today, I wanna write my Bucket List (morbid as it may be) and post it online soon.
Today's (again) a day of leisure as there's no tuition scheduled. Monday (for now) is my evening-free day becos' of the cancellation of the class of three students. All whom have gone their separate ways. I am not looking to fill that slot and I shall not, as Gary says, "ask for it".
More freedom = more flexibility and time to indulge. :D
Today, I have a facial lined up at 4pm - 530pm at The Gardens. My first facial in this country. How touching. We bought a package and paid Rm1288 with a claim to Rm2000 worth of services. Shall I catch a movie by myself? And after that I will insist on us eating something light and healthy.

Alan has left for work and the house is quiet again - without the whirrling of the propellors of the helicopter. And the smashing sounds against hard surfaces ;x HEE HEE HEE

I am up and about and my dear husband has collasped in bed after a long day's work. Me? My day was too decadent for me to feel that exhausted.

I took the 2pm shuttle to MVMM whilst making new friends - an Aussie and a Jap. Then I quickly strode to The Gardens and bought the 230pm (RM16) ticket for What Happens in Vegas. I munched my 1901 NY Chicken hotdog and sipped my mineral water (which would later spill in my LV..) whilst waiting for the show to begin.

After the cliche show ended, I rushed to The Cres, to relax and enjoy a Bio Cell facial. Not bad. But again, they tried to hard sell me a package as the lady at the counter, Lim, claimed that my laugh lines (the lines near my mouth) are very deep and my face skin's too soft and needed firming. My God. How truly saddening. Of course, I didn't give in to her demands and left without making my sponsering husband any poorer.

I hit Isetan for the sale and bought a slinky black number which I will wear tomorrow to the Shang and picked up my reserved item (50% off) at springfield. Then Alan joined me and we had a lovely dinner at a soup restaurant that had collaborated with Eu Yan Sang to make herbal soup tonics.

I had century egg with minced pork porridge and Old yellow cucumber with pork rib soup and Alan had dried scallops with pork soup and beef horfun. We also had Gui Ling Gao to soothe our throats (from yesterday's crab).


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