Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Dinner at La Fite at The Shang

our non-garlic bread garlice bread starter

Caviar waffle

Mushroom bubble - melts in the mouth

caramel foie gras

Some cheesey biscuit with different sauces

Tuna with toppings

Egg that melts in the mouth with cheese biscuit on top

Breaded scallop


Our main course (finally) - The Lamb

"good morning" dessert - mango / coconut cream /passion fruit

oreo crumbs and icecream..

Our cotton candy tree
OMG, I still have traces of a hangover from last night. No no, The Husband and I did not go into a partying frenzy and jump onto bartops and gyrate to the beat of Pussy Cat Dolls (ahhh that was my Past). We behaved like newly weds in the finest french restaurant we had ever been to in our lives.

I took a taxi to his office and sad to say because of the rain and jam the journey lasted an hour. n Then I was presented with a paperbag of goodies by Alan. haha. I looked at the box with the cutie lil ribbon and guessed its contents accurately immediately. haha. A TEDDY BEAR. My husband didn't get my hint for a new swimsuit to bask in the sun in Pangkor Laut. :P Even if he did, he wouldn't venture into the lingerie department alone and defenceless. hahahaah.

Anyway, I also received a voucher of value RM2000 to be spent at any of my favourite shopping malls in kL. haha.I think I will splash it on another facial package? hehe. But but... I will have to use some SKILLS to redeem my voucher. No other explicit information will be given in this very pure blog. ;X

Well, we arrive at Lafite at almost 8pm and my bouquet of 6 red roses were waiting at the table for me. :D Dining there was truly an exciting gastronomical experience. Alan had booked a 12 course meal with a bottle of red. Each course would be painstakingly prepared by the chef and a surprise when presented to us. The waiter would then introduce the course and explain how to eat it. There was caviar, foie gras, scallops, lobster just to name a few and soon we lost count of which number we were at. Our main was a delicious lamb coupled with pop corn flakes and potato. just done to perfection *smack lips* Our desserts were very interesting ...and the last one came in the form of cotton candy balls that looked like peaches and were stuck onto a small tree-plant. The leaves were chocolate and the 'soil' was coffee pallets.

I giggled throughout the night like a schoolgirl, the Australia Shiraz Carbernet getting into my head mighty fast.

Needless to say, we thoroughly enjoyed our 1st Year Wedding Anniversary dinner. But that was just the entree. Our main celebration will be on the sunny island of Pangkor Laut this weekend. YiPeeeeeee. I married the right man. muahahahaa

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