Thursday, May 29, 2008

Mundane Gripes not for long...

Hi guys. It's back to my mundane gripes. anyway, It have 20 mins before I go for my next tuition lesson. My brain's spinning, perhaps it is due to the moist chocolate cake I ingested for breakfast? hahaa. ahhhh delicious! I must say I am not a fan of chocolate but this one takes the cake! haha. all puns intended.

Tonight we will need to deliver Jay Jay away to Robin's house after my tuition at 9pm and Alan's sales meeting. N then tomorrow morning we will embark on our journey to Pangkor Laut. It's approximately 2.5hours drive to the Lumut Jetty and then a 45min boat ride awaits before we arrive on the sunny island of Pangkor where Sun , Sand, Sea and an open air bath overlooking the sea awaits.. I can't stop drooling whilst thinking about it..

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