Tuesday, January 15, 2008

My Latest Clay Creations

Hello again people. Today I shall post some photographs of my latest (clay) creations. Actually, I've done these quite some time ago, in Lanson Place, but haven't had the opportunity

(or the enthusiasm) to post them online. I think I am improving in my art. At least my figurines don't look 2-d anymore, yea? hahaaa.

I especially like the CresBear. She looks kindly. :P

I'm also going to spend sometime downloading stuff today and maybe creating more figurines (if I can find the will power). My Yoga DVD is sitting forlornly on the tv console - we just bought it 2 nights ago at 1utama. I shall endeavour to commence on my regime. Alexis' half marathon motivation has spurred me.. i think...Hope she & ecky are as enthu abt our pending diving course and trip in March?!!?

I just called Tanjong Jara Resort. We had intended to go there for a weekend escapade on 25th Jan - 27 Jan but it's still monsoon season.No wonder 50% off packages lah! *pouts* I guess it'll be strawberry picking on the highlands then. ;) Save TJ for a not-so-rainy-day! hahaha.

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