Wednesday, January 16, 2008

When was the Last Time You Did Something for the First Time?!?

Hello babies.. Ain't my title for today's post something to ponder about? Now just how many of us are caught up in the throngs of mundane existence, Life becoming a vicious and vindictive cycle?

I used to complain of waking up at 0545 everyday. Rushing down the stairs to take a taxi to work at 0625. Reach office by 0650. Start the routine when the bell rings shrilly at 0722. Sing song, take pledge, Teach, teach, Nag nag, Scold scold,Teach, teach...And wait for that final bell of the day. Then drag my tired bag of bones back home either via cab or bus (when I am feeling poor). I will then force my eyes open after dinner to do some marking. And close my eyes at around 2300+, only to dread the beeping of my handphone alarm set for the next day.

Now? I have all the time in the world. And what do I do? hahaha. Therefore, my NEW YEAR'S RESOLUTION is set: I will endeavour to take up new things this year. A SPORT? Diving? Golf? A HOBBY? I've started on clay modelling. It's time to maybe move on to stained glass painting or cross-stitching? (hahaha. just how many of you can imagine me with a needle and cloth in hand? so un-Sharon, you'd say!)

I've started cooking in our vast new kitchen. Boiling soups, frying vege and meat. But now it's time to BAKE cakes and cookies! Ahhh yes, let me try to do that wonderful triamisu Wan Hui has done during Wee's party. ARRRgghhhhh how fattening! Ok Maybe not in the near future then..

Today, I also did something new for the first time. I went swimming! hahaha. Inspired by fellow Singaporean taitai Annie (someone I met on the net) and who is residing in Taipei now with her hubbie, I ventured downstairs alone. Although the pool ain't Olympic-sized, swimming across its length took me approximately 24-27 strokes.And the cleaners just cleaned the pool till crystal-clear prefection!

Today, this under-exercised housewife decided to swim 20laps. ooohh the water was freezing! Then, I went to the sauna in the ladies and baked myself to prefection. hahaha.What a delicious way to spend a morning! I shall swim thrice a week! Promise! Hope my hair doesn't die and fall off though. xp

Oh Yah, instead of Tanjong Jara resort, Hubbie and I will be going to Cameron Highlands to pick strawberries and drink tea admist the rolling hills next weekend. I've done some surfing and found out that contrary to popular belief, there are quite a few things to do in CH and since we will be driving up from KL, we will be able to drive to the local attractions. *exCitEd*

Will definitely take photos and post them here! :)

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