Thursday, January 17, 2008

My Japanese Rendezvous

Hey all! I'm attaching some of the pictures taken on my trip to Japan (Tokyo, HOkkaido) with ASA Tours from 20-26 December 2007. Was there with my baby, my Mama, my Sis and my Daddy-in-Law. Funny combi, huh? hahaha Family Portrait

Anyway, the trip was loadsa fun but totally can be described by the popular Chinese saying "Shang Che Shui Jiao, Xia Che Niao Niao" (Direct translation: Get on the bus and sleep, get off the bus and pee). There was lotsa travelling by coach but lotsa good food (you can see us all putting on wgt as the days go by - bbq, steamboat, sashimi, seafood, muaji, crackers, pokey), beautiful soft snow flakes falling on our noses and picturesque backdrops. The people were helpful but unintelligible. The babes were clad very scantily for -10 degrees, with mini-skirts and stockings and high cut boots. The men, sad to say, were nothing to crow about. But I met the most gorgeous japanese male on this trip (see pic below). Guaranteed drool-worthy!

The crab we bought and ate was almost SGD200 but worth every cent as the flesh was sweet and succulent. We preferred it cooked though and dumped it into our steamboat instead of eating it raw. It swam together with our sea urchin and our huge clams and oysters. My Lunch!

We had the pleasure to stay in a few hot springs hotels in Hokkaido where guests strip naked and go cooking themselves not-unlike steamboat style in the 43 degrees water. Adventurous, we also tried the outdoor hot spring. Hard to imagine yeah? Well, for those cheeky ones out there, this is an answer to your burning question : NO! The men and the ladies DO NOT soak together. (eeeyerrr)

Well, here are the pictures of my White Christmas in Japan!!

Fresh seafood from the markets

ahhhh Don't you just love White Men?

At a skii resort

Blossoms in winter?!

Mt Fuji look-alike!

The beautiful sunset

Making the world's best ramen!

Xue Shan Fei Hu?

This lake doesn't freeze over during winter.

.My Baby n I

Asking for Blessings from Kuan Yin.

Feeding the smelly Swans.

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