Friday, May 7, 2010

Sweet Potato & Apple Puree

Today I sent Ening to the market/ supermarket early and she came back with some treats for Ethan. :) She bought HUGE ( i have seen any others that rival them in size) sweet potatoes in the market and a bag of apples from USA from TMC.

I got to work in the kitchen whilst Ethan took his nap. I peeled two and a quarter of the 5 sweet potatoes (the other 3/4s I cooked for lunch). Then I chopped them into smaller pieces. They totalled around 400g in weight. Off to the steamer they went. I did the same with around 4 apples. They are not of a good quality though. What do you expect of the brand "First Choice" ironically. Told En not to buy those anymore. But they actually made quite good puree.. ahahaha

After the sweet potatoes and apples were steamed till tender, they were pureed into a pulp. I put around 45ml into each baby cube (normally I will fill it with 30ml but there was just so much). There was some apply puree remaining and insufficient cubes so I fed that with a cube of carrot puree to Ethan for lunch. He finished every bit! :D
This is what the top half of my freezer looks like. haahhaha.

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