Wednesday, May 5, 2010

The Weekend in Brief

I am certainly looking forward to the weekend. WHY? There are interesting events taking place this particular weekend in lieu of Mothers' Day!

Mid Valley Mega Mall expo is having a huge exhibition and we will head down there on Saturday to check out what is available and see if there's anything to buy. Hopefully they will carry coldwear for little tots so that we can pick up a windbreaker for Ethan for his upcoming trip to Melbourne. I think he will enjoy the wintery chill though, as being a sweaty baby, he is more adverse to the heat and humidity in KL / Singapore. Needless to say, we will bring him along to MVMM. :)

On Sunday, we will probably bring Jay Jay and Coco for a much needed grooming session at DogRoomz and then head over to the Ibu (mother) fair at Bangsar Shopping Village to see what is being offered. Nothing much, I don't doubt, but it will be more relaxing as there will be less of a crowd there, I hope.

Ahhhh there's also IP Man II to catch too. And we will see how to slot that in... Not easy as now we can't catch midnight movies like we very much enjoy to, because of Ethan.

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