Sunday, May 9, 2010


Today is a special, special day! It's MOTHERS' DAY!! Happy Mothers' Day Mother!!!!! Hope you had a wonderful day out with the family! :D It is also my VERY FIRST MOTHERS' DAY as an official MOTHER! :P

Alan and I were so tired out this morning (around 1030am). Ethan was put to bed early last night and he woke up at around midnight to do his business and sing loudly. hahahaha. Yes , he sings at the top of his voice and chooses unearthly hours too! Anyway, after Alan changed his diaper, I fed him and then he pooed AGAIN. By the time his eyelids drooped, it was almost 230am. OMG. I was absolutely zonked out. Unfortunately, he roused again a few hours later, to have his milk again. THEN, at 730am, he woke up and started singing (me a Happy Mothers' Day song) and after another feed, all of us collasped until 1030am.

Unfortunately, Ethan had no appetite for his sweet potato puree and millet cereal this morning and hardly touched any. I was so exhausted that I was keen to call off the outing we had planned.

After a cuppa tea however, I was revitalised and we decided to leave the little one at home and make our way to The Curve/ Ikano Power Centre and IKEA. I know it's ironic to leave ET at home to celebrate Mothers' Day, but it was a good idea because Alan and I really enjoyed ourselves. hahahaha

Lunch was a decadent affair at a Taiwanese restaurant at The Curve. I hadn't had any breakfast and so I was famished. It was 3+pm when we sat down for the meal. I ordered the usual meesuar and Alan had a pork chop rice. We shared a deep fried chicken roll, stir-fried chilli lala, mini BUddha Jump over the Wall and a yam bubble tea. Ohhhhh.. Delicious! And definitely easy on the pocket! Good Choice!

We roamed back to IKEA after our waistline-busting meal to pick up a couple of items in the crowded IKEA. We needed a RM45 high chair for Ethan for him to join us for meals at home, a big plastic box container to store his food and drink cutlery etc when not in use and etc. We were very much on task and got the two items, plus an extra cute cushion for Ethan for his high chair in a jiffy.

After placing the items in the car, we made a beeline for the Pet Safari at Ikano Power Centre. We needed dog food and Jay Jay's Eye Envy lotion had run out. I chose bags and bags of doggie treats for the furry sons as well. The damage, after discount, was a hefty RM300+!!!

It was nearly 530pm when we arrived home, exhausted but very, very fulfilled. hahaha.

p/s: The husband is a sweetie and 'surprised' me with a pair of Destinee (Lee Hwa) ear-rings for Mothers' Day! Xie Xie Laogong! I Love You!!! :D

8 May 2010 (Saturday)

This morning, at around 1030am, the Tan family popped by again to kindly pass us big bags of books for Ethan. Now, if you must know, the Tans have produced a doctor and a dentist and the books are a promising start for Ethan to be groomed as Dr Tan Ee Hom, Ethan. ahhahaa. They are about the Human Anatomy and etc. There are a couple of books about animals as well. :) These friends of ours are indeed very, very sweet and kind. How lovely to have such people as pals!!! :D They also invited us to join them trekking (they don't know us v well hor?) at Gasing Hill. But we politely declined.hahahahaha.

After I fed Ethan (sweet potato puree and carrot puree - OMG so ORANGE) today, he bathed and had a nap before we left for MVMM. Alan wanted to eat Oh Sushi again so there we were. it was a good meal which was healthy and not too filling. :) Ethan self-entertains in Mommy's arms. First time in a high chair... Ethan telling Mommy which sushi he wants... Portable entertainment rox!

Off we sprinted, after our late lunch, to the Moms and Babies Expo at the top floor of MVMM. I was itching to see what the fair had to offer and hoped to pick up some stuff for Ethan. However, it was disappointing and we left , after a few minutes, just picking up some old copies of Parenthood- a magazine in KL about babies / toddlers. They were at 3 for RM10. Sad to say, our only other purchase was a packet of wet wipes. ;p

We were already very exhausted after that saga but decided to shop around for Ethan's cold wear for our Melb trip. Finally, we spotted a suitable light wind-breaker (the other shops did not carry his size) at Adam's Kids, which was miraculously going for 70% off~!! YaY!! Of course we bought it!!

After that, we popped into a pharmacy and bought Vaseline for all our potential chapped lips (in lieu of Melb's wintery chill) and then left for home, satisfied. :D Clowning around after returning home from MVMM.

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