Sunday, May 2, 2010

Another Stay- In Sunday!

Hello folks!!! My husband is finally home after a looonng absence. He left on Tuesday at 530am to drive back to Singapore for business. And just returned home to KL on Saturday at around 2pm. I opted not to return with him because Little Ethan had just started on solids and I didn't want anything to disrupt his schedule. What's more, he started his solid meals with breast milk (which I had pumped and stored in the freezer).

Poor Alan was feeling very unwell on his drive back to KL. He left my mom's place (where he was putting up) at around 7am but had to stop manyatime to visit the loo at various locations enroute from S'pore to KL. He had food poisioning and had diarrhoea and vomitted too. So poor thing!!! There was a massive jam in Malaysia too and also at the causeway. Oh my... :(
Although Ethan and I had been cooped up over the weekends, I opted to let Alan rest today, although he gallantly suggested we go to Ikano Power Centre to shop. I need to buy Ethan his feeding chair and manyablog of mommies had recommended the cheap but very effective feeding chair. :D I think it costs around RM40+ only. My goodness! I also want to buy him a waterproof bib.
Anyway, Alan and I went for our usual breakfast and visited one of our best friend's shops to add to our collection before heading home.

Some pictures of Ethan munching (or sucking) on his teething rusk biscuit:

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