Saturday, May 22, 2010

A Special Saturday Morning

This morning, we did something different. Ethan roused us early again and we took a lovely walk in the neighbourhood again. I carried him on the harness, instead of the stroller and Alan took charge of JCo. :) We made our rounds and woke up the neighbourhood with the barking dogs and then headed home so that Ening could bathe Ethan.

Alan and I then took off for an early breakfast at OUG - he wanted me very much to try this bachor noodles soups that his colleagues had brought him to savour near his office. We ordered kuayteow soup and had a big bowl each, washing it down with a tea and coffee respectively. Not bad... 7/10! Ingredients were generous - cabbage, minced pork, lean pork slices, prawns, sotong and some minute pieces of pig stomach. The soup did not leave us thirsty as well. :)

It started to pour just before we left the coffeeshop and we braved the rain and skipped to our car, not beforing stopping along the way at a wet market. We picked up a carton of eggs and roamed deeper into the market to see cages of live chickens! I haven't seen this scene in a wet market since I was a little girl!! The unfriendly lady manning the chicken coop chided us for taking photographs whilst she captured a squawking bird, ready to be slaughtered for RM11/kg. :P I was traumatised and looked away quickly, saying a silent prayer for the feathered one. ;p I

We stopped by a big fruit stall as I wanted to pick up fresh fruit for Ethan's puree. He has a slight cough and I did not want to aggravate it by feeding him the mango I had already pureed for him. I picked 5 red apples initially intending for ET. We also bought two persimmons and some grapes. Then, I caught sight of some huge pears and selected two for Ethan's snacks in the evening.

We then drove home in the drizzle and I pureed the sweet pears for Ethan and enjoyed watching him wolf them down . :D

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