Thursday, May 20, 2010

Have a Little Faith

In line with my endeavour to read more and enrich myself, I have been reading Mitch Albom, my favourite author's most current creation, "Have A Little Faith". So far so good. Have gotten till page 75 (out of 249 :P) I wish sometimes that I could find the time and opportunity to read more. We've subscribed to Reader's Digest again but I again can't seem to find windows of opportunities to tuck my legs under my ass, curl up and just enjoy. Ok ok... I better spend less time on facebook hor? hahahaha

Anyway, Ethan has been introduced to quite a variety of foods - *proud mama beams at this juncture*. There are three vegetables - carrots and sweet potato and corn. And 5 kinds of fruits - banana, papaya, avocado, peach, apple. In another day or two, he will try his daddy's favourite fruit MANGO! It's all pureed and waiting for him in frozen freshness. :) He tried sweet corn with a knob of butter today and polished everything off the plates quite promptly. I am thankful. :P

We will be leaving for Melbourne in a week's time. I've got to get off my ass and start packing!!! My goodness. There will be tonnes to bring this time and since it's chilly winter there, I must be well-prepared to brace Ethan for winter! :) Our itinerary has been planned and it's pretty much flexible and easy-going. Nothing to strenuous for Papa and Mama Bear since it's our first trip with the little one and we are not sure how good a traveller he'll be.

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