Monday, May 24, 2010

Sunny Sunday!

We slept in- with permission from Master Ethan, of course and got outta bed only at around 10am. :) YaY.

I tricked Ethan into finishing his sweet potato today with a small cube of laughing cow cheese - that did the trick! :D *Happy Mama* He also polished down his ounce of sweet corn puree with a knob of butter. The Father was impressed! :)

We wanted to sneak outta the house after that but in the midst of our dilly dally, Ethan had his 20minute power nap and then woke up just as we were about to leave. Hahahah. That prompted us to bring him out.

Making our way to Bangsar Shopping Centre, we spotted the Pets Lovers Centre in an obscure area in the car park! What a weird location! Anyway, we are thankful that we don't have to travel that far to buy dog food etc anymore ;)

We roamed aimlessly around with nothing in mind and also trying to decide where to eat. Exploring the new wing, we discovered a couple of stores had opened - Mothercare, Times the Bookstore and also a huge Guardian. Cool. Still purchase-less, we opted for Chilis for lunch.

"Disappointing" would be a good word to describe our meal - I had grilled chicken sandwich which came in a burger form. I was misled by the pic in the menu and had thought it was to be served with toasted bread like a club sandwich. And Alan, went against my wishes, and had his red meat as usual - mushroom swiss. I think the ones in BK taste MUCH better.:P The drink was shared - a sour milkshake of a variety of juices.

We headed into Cold Storage next - the real reason for coming to BSC. I picked up Ethan's RUSK teething biscuits (which will be brought to Australia) and also a small bottle of puree to feed Ethan at KLIA before we board our flight to Singapore (to transit to Melbourne :P)

After that, we headed home for Ethan to rest (read: roll all over the bed and pretend to sleep).

In the evening, after En returned from the pasar malum, she took over Ethan and I went out for dinner with Alan to have his favourite (read: can eat e'single day) fish head beehoon soup. We picked up 5 blurays to stock up as well and went into Sri Kota for some chicken.

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