Friday, April 30, 2010

Winnie The POO

OMG, Ever since Ethan has started on solids, there has been a change in his bowel movements. They are an alien green, can take place at the most unearthly hours (in the wee hours of the morning) and they also smell SOOOOOOOOOO BAD. *pinch nose*

And that's only after formula milk + millet cereal. Today I will be going him PAPAYAAAAAAAA. God Blesssssssssssss

I've blended 1/4 of the papaya two days back (because it was getting too ripe) using the new Phillips Blender we bought a longggggg time ago for this purpose at the GSS. And then transferred the contents into the baby cubes I had purchased online at :) The nice lady, Natalie, delivered them to my house without me requesting, because I was in a great hurry to get them and my Mom was flying up to KL the next day. So sweet of her!

Anyway, the papaya has been frozen and I'll microwave (EEEEee) it for Ethan later to be mixed into his cereal and milk.

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