Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Come back Soon, Laogong!

Alan left for Singapore early this morning. So now, it's just the three of us and the two dogs. *sigh* It will be a couple of days before he will be back. :(

Anyway, I'm running a bit of a fever. Think I have a blocked duct. Hope that it will clear ASAP. Ethan is doing well at the lunch table. He has eaten solid food for the past two days and soon I will introduce puree. :) It will be fun to prepare real food for him, instead of just mixing milk with cereal.

Last night, ALan and I went to MVMM for a short while to change currency to pay bills and also to have dinner. We checked out OhSushi and had a delicious meal consisting of ramen, salmon head, unagi and tofu salad a small side dish of soft shell and four slices of delicious but fatty pork roll.

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