Sunday, April 25, 2010

Ethan's first "REAL" MEAL.

Today was SPECIAL - Ethan tried solid food for the first time in his life! He had recently shown great interest in what we had been eating and even tried to take and put food in his mouth himself. These are two of the many indicators of the baby's readiness to start on solids. I am glad I followed the doctor's advice and stuck to giving him solids at 6months. There have been MANY people nagging at me to start giving him solids earlier because he seems small and is not putting on weight at a rapid speed.

I must say, I don't appreciate such pressures. I think lots of new mums go through the same kind of pressure for the same and many more different reasons. These 3 gu 6 por had used their "old school" way of bringing up children and try (very hard) to get the new mums to subscribe to them. Alan's grandmother constantly asks me if I've enough milk or not. Sometimes I want to squeeze my breast in front of her just to prove that there IS! :P

Anyway, I digressed (again) hahaha. OK back to the current topic:

I fed Ethan milk in the morning and then, after a short short nap, he woke at around 1230pm and I thought that was an ideal time to introduce solids to him. You should do it at lunch time. I milked 2 teaspoons of rice cereal with 40ml of breast milk but it was so watery that I decided to add in another teaspoon of cereal. All throughout the preparation, Alan videoed the process.

After stirring to eradicate any lumps in the mixture, we put on Ethan's huge waterproof elephant bib we had bought in Australia before he was born (!) and sat him in his Bumbo Seat and started the feeding experiment. Ethan showed great interest in his food but had problems (naturally)trying to keep the food in his mouth. He's so used to the tongue thrust reflex that it is going to take a while for him to get used to putting food in the mouth and swallowing it.

We took half an hour to feed him and half of the meal probably went onto the bib and down his neck but both Daddy and Mommy were very pleased. :) Our little boy is all grown up now and is eating SOLIDS!!! We caught the feed on the video cam of course!

We tried something new today...dinner at SmokeHouse at Bangsar Telawi 3. The decor reminded me of Lakehouse in Cameron Highlands - the place we celebrated my birthday a couple of years ago. Very quaint and victorian styled, complete with dirty-looking flora printed sofas and a fake fireplace with logs that were (literally) lighted up. hahha

I opted for the Phad Thai (RM15) (yes, they have hired a chef from Thailand) and Tom Yam Kong (Rm12). The soup came in a small bowl but was very satisfying and 4 big prawns floated in the spicy red soup. The main course was nutty and very sweet, quite delicious if I may say so, but it will leave you feeling full halfway through the meal.

Alan had his usual red meat - this time it was the very affordable lamb shank (RM32) whose meat was so tender it slid off the bone and cream of mushroom soup (RM12) - not worth the money cause I can make better ones.

After we dined, and before we left, we were informed by the waiter that next month they were celebrating their anniversary and all items on the ala carte menu will be on 20% off! WooohOooo.
We popped into Bangsar Shopping Village to pick up a couple of items:

(A) We wanted to buy two short hoses - one for the front garden as it was leaking and one for the back garden for Ening to water the plants with more ease. NOT AVAILABLE.

(B) We popped into the Organic shop next door and I chose a box of millet porridge. I had found Ethan's rice cereal (Nestle) to be very sweet and I wanted to buy something more expensive and organic for a greater peace of mind. ahahaha. Kiasu! :P I also didn't like that the Nestle rice cereal I had bought contianed traces of gluten and soy. :(

After comparing rice / millet/ semolina porridge, I read that millet contained the most protein, fat and iron and the least fibre (which makes the kiddo full fast) and sodium. I bought Holle Organic Millet Porridge, 250g for RM19.90. The nice lady at the counter gave me two packets of samples (spelt porridge and semolina porridge) to try as well. :)

We proceeded into Toys R' Us next to buy Coco and Jay Jay a ball - They (Coco especially) had shown so much interest in Ethan's ball that we wanted to give them their own personal one as well. :) Also, sadly, because the silly dogs keep going upstairs to poop on the green furry carpet( which I think they mistaken as grass), we had to buy a safety gate to prevent them from doing so. The bloody gate cost RM299.95 and the manufacturers purposely made it a tad shorter than the normal standards so you HAVE to buy the extension (another RM64.95). I had thought the cheaper alternative was to give away the dogs ;P hahaha

Anyway, after spending a bomb at Toys R' Us, we zoomed home to be with our son who was still having a slight fever from the two injections the day before.

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