Sunday, April 11, 2010

A lovely weekend

Hello folks. It's nearing the end of yet another weekend here in KL!

Yesterday Saturday 10 April was a lazy one. Alan and I left Ethan at home with En and then went for our usual breakfast fix at Bangsar. Then, we headed to the market and TMC to pick up some groceries before adjourning home.

I fed and kept Ethan company whilst Alan spray painted his R/C car (red) and then promptly left to the nearby basketball court to have a good time. He amazed a little boy and a teenaged girl with his skilful drifting and they struck up conversations. :)

In the evening, we caught Sherlock Holmes on DVD although Ethan interrupted the home-movie a couple of times. hahhaha.

Sunday 11 April 2010

We are trying to get the little one used to his harness and sitting in the stroller so we have been bringing him out more over the weekends. It's good that he gets to see the world beyond the walls of his room also. He is always intrigued by the sights and sounds outside the confines of our humble abode.

Today, our decided destination was KLCC. I think I have not been there in more than a year. If you read my previous entries in 2007, you will see that Suria KLCC was a shopping mall Alan and I frequented. We used to stay in Lanson Place Service Apartments in Jln Ampang, just a stone's throw away from KLCC. I used to call the concierge for them to get me a cab to the mall. Very convenient!
Anyway, the mall wasn't really crowded at 11+am when we arrived. It's great that we always wake up early (not by choice, if you hadn't realised) on a Sunday and make our way outta the house before noon. Brunch was at Nippon Tei, a Japanese restaurant. We were their first patrons that day.

I ordered the Sukiyaki set and Alan had a Beef Steak set. We both shared pan fried gyoza. The food was delicious and the prices were right. The portions were huge too and we fought to finish what was on our trays individually. Thank heavens we had not ordered sushi to accompany our meal!

Ethan was amazingly well-behaved (pls see last Sunday's nightmare outing) and he sat in his stroller quietly, playing with his cube toy (biting it more like it). We enjoyed our meal tremendously at a surprisingly leisurely pace! How nice if all meals were like that (and not messy, indigestion-inducing gobbles)!

Anyway, after savouring the Japanese cuisine and inwardly thanking The Lord for Ethan's behaviour, we left the restaurant and popped into Kinokoniya. Alan wanted some magazines for browsing (about remote control cars and airbrushing etc - what else? ;p) and I was keen to purchase some causal reading material. :)

My favourite author, Mitch Albom's book "Have a Little Faith-A True Story" was on sale. (take 20% off RM69.95) and I eagerly grabbed it. And since Ethan still was in a stupor (aka we can shop somemore), Alan joined me in the children's section.

I looked high and low for "The Very Hungry Caterpillar" by Eric Carle - a good book to teach your children about transformation, I guess. And also inner and outer beauty and the superficiality of Life. ahahaha (ok too chiem for a 6month old now, I agree..)

This helpful sales assistant persisted in helping me locate a book after a lot of effort. How nice! How certainly surprising! Very unlike the masses of sales personnel in KL. Normally, without checking, they will tell you that whatever is on sale is already on display. Or in their very own words, "dunch habe already!" :P I've come across so many of these nonchalent sales staff in my 3 years in KL that I've come to expect very little of the service in this country. (The less you expect, the less disappointed you will be in the end!)

Ooops, I've digressed again. Anyway, (and a huge and resounding " Yay") the RM32.95 book on the furry creepy crawlie was on a 25% discount!) Weeee. Alan also picked out a huge yellow book of 8 Favourite Fairy Tales for Ethan as well. The book is bright yellow and has the picture of a nasty wolf about to devour Little Red Riding Hood up on its cover. hahaha. There is the big red word "YUMMY" printed above the wolf as well...The stuff of which traumas of childhood are built on....

At the cashier, I was amazed to find out we had chalked up a bill of RM210 for books and magazines. Ahhhhh But they say, knowledge doesn't come cheap, don't they? As an ex-teacher, I know how important reading is to kiddos and I am determined to make sure that Ethan will enjoy reading as much as I used to when I was a toddler. I remember going everywhere with a book in my hand...

After changing Ethan's dirty diaper (yes, he had started to fuss) just at the entrance of Kino, we waved tata to the friendly security guard at the door and left in the general direction of Coffee Bean for a coveted cuppa.

However, Parkson caught our eye and we decided to take a gamble and see if they sold the cappuccino / latte machine that we had wanted to get for the longest time. OhHHH They did!! Amazing, but true!

So without further ado, we promptly purchased the machine (RM529) and were rewarded with two free big mugs as gifts! (distant applause pls). By this time, Ethan was quite restless and exhausted. He had been busy looking at colourful toys in the toy section whilst Alan was inspecting the coffee machine. He had intially giggled out loud when interacting with Baby Alive but at the second encounter, minutes later, he started crying, obviously frightened by the scary-looking thing. hahaa Ok let's stick to Transformers and Iron Men, shall we?

We decided to get a bag of beans from the Coffee Bean nearby and then head home. Before we lined up for the coffee beans, we popped into Poney (which was having a sale) to see if I could buy some warmer clothes for Ethan for our up-coming trip to Melbourne. I tried on a beanie for him and hahaha he pulled on its price tag and the beanie covered his eyes. hahaha. It was such a cute sight that even the salesgirls were stifling their giggles teeheehee.

At CB, Ethan started crying loudly and all the waiters and waitress tried to pacify him. Alan bounced him up and down when he was in his harness and then he promptly fell asleep in my arms, with the beads of tears still coating his little face. Poor baby, all tired out!

We made a beeline for the car and then headed for home sweet home (to savour a deliciously frothed cuppa! :) What a lovely Sunday afternoon!!!! :D

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