Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Ethan's Second Visit to the Salon

I had made an appt with "Uncle Bill" to trim Ethan's unruly mane this evening but because of Alan's engagements, we could not make it in time for the 6pm appt. ET waiting for Daddy to come home to bring him out. @ the fountain outside , in btw The Gardens and MVMM.

However, eventually we did manage to bring our moody son there! It was around 730pm when we arrived at La Mode and thankfully it was relatively empty.

Bill proceeded to whip out his equipment waist pounch and Alan bundled Ethan up with a towel. Ethan's mood worsened at lightning speed and sure enough, as Bill began a series of 'tortures' on ET ~~ THE MONSTER WAS UNLEASHED!!!
Seconds before the the premiering of Monsters Inc.

If I hadn't known what the phrase "crying buckets" meant originally, I had it personified right in front of my very eyes that fateful evening. :P ET wailed and wailed as though it was excruciating - he doesn't even cry that violently and for so long when at the Doc's for a jab in the ass!!!

Poor Bill suffered thru' the ordeal and all of us emerged (from the scene of crime) partially deaf and very hairy (we had given up on the towel after a while...)

After leaving the torture chamber, we popped into the Toys R'Us next door. I wanted to buy a ball for Ethan but emerged from their sale with a single packet of wet wipes and a travel set of 2 forks and 2 spoons to bring to Australia.

Dinner as a speedy affair at Little Penang Kafe (yes, they spell it like that) and after that it was home sweet home to embrace the peace and quiet and to tuck the little one into bed. At the cafe, still furious after his ordeal. Forgetting the trauma in a jiffy~

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