Thursday, April 8, 2010

What Ridiculous Charges!

We brought Ethan to see Dr Yong again at Pantai MC this afternoon. He is suffering from VERY BAD rashes - his chin, his neck, his chest and even his back. Heck his left arm near the elbow also is dotted with the nasty rashes!

Of course I was glad that the doctor could fit us in at around 230pm. First disappointment of the day: Ethan's weight. From 16/3 till yesterday 7/4, almost 3 weeks' duration, he had only gained 200g (and I am rounding it up HOR). WTH.

Ethan has been waking to feed at least twice e'night and even in the daytime, I am with him most of the time and he feeds I would say at least 50% of his waking hours. hahaha. So now, I am forced to reconcile with the fact that it could be the quantity or the quality of my milk ! :P

Anyway, the wait in the queue was short and again Dr Yong was patient n kind. He examined Ethan and prescribed Travacot and some Anti hystemine for his 'red and angry' rashes. Then, we left to pay and collect the medication.

Once outside and at the payment counter, the saga started. APparently, the nurse had forgotten to charge us some 'consultation' fees from the previous encounter. The charging system in this hospital (or maybe for this doc?) is SO WEIRD. He will charge his normal consultation fee to see you. And then if you hv brought your child for a vaccination, there's an additional CONSULTATION FEE for jabbing Ethan in the ass. And ON TOP OF THAT, there's also ANOTHER procedural fee just to carry out the injection. And please, we have not even mentioned the charge for the MEDICATION in the freaking syringe!??!

OMG, I don't think I've ever encountered such an absurd charging system? Moreover, it's PANTAI MEDICAL CENTRE and not even Gleneagles!!! The previous doc at Gleneagles (although he's pretty flippant about Ethan's needs) charged us SO MUCH LESS and he was from Gleneagles! Needless to say, I was very disappointed at being forced to change a peaditrician again for Ethan. *sigh*


Jumpy said...

when babies gets older their weight gain slows down so it might not be your milk. dun worry too much about it. as long as his weight is inside the growth chart and not decreasing, u are doing great! sometimes my girl dosent eat much solid and only drinks milk and she actually lost weight! LOL. so i keep trying to stuff her with as much food as possible..

Sharon Goh said...

Thanks so much dearie. Wo hui JIA YOU DE! He's going to start on solids soooon. heheehhe.

Jumpy said...

good luck! i used to be very excited when my girl is about to start solid but now a bit lazy to cook for her sometimes lol. but then i still love stuffing her with food. she pratically eats non stop... see her eat i very happy lol. im addicted to plumping her up!