Saturday, January 2, 2010

A "milestone"

Today marks one of the milestones in little Ethan's life. He 'upsized' his nappy protector from size New Born to size Medium. ahhahaa. Don't ask me how come he skipped a size - they don't make nappy protectors in size Small, if you haven't realised... It's like that in KL AND also in SIngapore!! hehe.

Anyway, one thing special I did today, on the second day of 2010, was to go swimming in the Bangsar sports complex a stone's throw away from my house. I was feeling very lazy again at 3+pm, after watching the DVD thriller Law Abiding Citizen. But I cajoled my husband to accompany me to the swimming pool nearby.

When we got there, the lazy people in-charge said they they had closed. It was 4pm but the official closing time was 430pm. Alan paid for my entry and I swam for a straight 20+mins to make my RM3 worth. :P By the time I got outta the pool, I was tired enough to feel rejuvenated by the swim. Oxymoron. heheh.

I accompanied the loving husband next to the nearby basketball court for me to witness his drifting techniques but soon it started to rain and we made a beeline for home. I shall endeavour to get out of my house more and hit the pool more often. I think I have to buy a swimming costume though - bikinis in a public pool should warranted more attention than necessary and wanted. :P

After my shower and feeding Ethan, Alan and I headed to The Gardens. We ended up shopping at Robinsons (which was on sale as well). We bought 3 tops (on 50% off) for Ethan to wear at home, 7 packets of wet wipes and 2 bolster cases. :) I also signed up for the R card for rebates!

Dinner was unagi bento at the foodcourt and then Alan went into Art Friend for a minute to pick up a cutting board.

We arrived home ard 8pm , relieved to find out xiao guaiguai still fast asleepnon his vibrating rocker chair.

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