Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy 2010 Everyone!

My New Year's Resolution is to be a better Mother, Wife and Daughter. :) Think one resolution is enough, instead of making tonnes which I won't put my heart and soul into fulfilling. hahaha Oh, and of course, another could be to lose the tonnes of weight (read: 13 more kg) I've put on during my pregnancy? *big sigh*

We started the new year right by getting up early, leaving the house early and ... HITTING THE SHOPS. :D Isetan was having a sale whereby they have 'lucky bags' up for grabs. Different merchants would package random items into bags and these bags would be sold at a huge discount.

We turned up at around 945am when Isetan opened at 10am and waited patiently. By 950am, more and more people had gathered and when the shutters were risen, the mass of people dashed in.

Pumpkin Patch had packed only 3 bags and we did not manage to get any. We ended up with a Guess bag and also a Barbie bag. The contents of the Barbie bag will be TK's 8th Birthday gift. :)

Alan and I then bought a shirt for our little one from Pumpkin Patch at 50% off for CNY. :) Then we strolled to ToastBox for our meesiam breakfast, washed down with coffee and tea.

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