Monday, January 4, 2010

An Exhausting Sunday (at Pavilion)

Ladies and Gentlemen~~~

Our little one is wearing size SMALL Mamypoko diapers, instead of "NewBORN". *clap clap clap*

Anyway, yesterday 3 January 2010 (Sunday) was an exciting day for us. Alan , Ethan and I got ready for our escapade as early as 9+am. After Ethan's bath, we took lotsa pictures to commemorate the occasion and then hopped into the VOlvo and sped off to Jalan Imbii for our Dim Sum at Imbii Palace. Yumz.

We ordered and ordered like there was no tomorrow. And every dish was relished and savoured as the little one self-entertained in his detached car seat. After most of it was polished and Ethan cried for his feed and was satisfied , we left and headed to Pavilion for our day of SHOPPING.

Tangs was having their SALE and it was the last day. Our dear Alan took heed of the Deejay's suggestions and started his rampage. He walked away with two FCUK shirts on sale for CNY :)

I couldn't find any clothes that I thought I looked good in - it's Me and not the clothes this time :P

We then popped into Parkson but the swim wear didn't agree with us. So Alan bought his trunks at Stadium and I bought my costume at Sun Paradise. Then, we headed back to Parkson into the baby section this time.

Alan got distracted again and picked up a pair of gay looking brown shoes. Then FINALLY we went to the baby section and bought a car window shade, baby rattle (combi), baby teether and container (combi) and a Lamaze cloth story book for our Ah Boy. Apparently, the more you buy the more you save and we qualified for two free RM10 vouchers. :)

By this time, all our limbs were aching as Ethan had not been a very cooperative kiddo. He had wailed and wailed loudly and refused to sit in his stroller for most of the time. So Alan and I took turns to carry him in our arms. As we strolled along the aisles of the huge shopping mall, we saw many an empty stroller or strollers filled with shopping bags, coupled with moms carrying their babies. hahaha. I also wonder why the management does not equip the nursing rooms in malls with airconditioning. It was indeed very stuffy inside and I felt faint whilst Ethan was at it.

It was 4+pm when we finally left , Ethan in my arms and lotsa bags piled on the stroller. hahaha We picked En up and drove her to the pasar malum and then I gave Ethan his wipe-down before both of us collasped on the bed.

Dinner time came and Alan and I gratefully left the little (noisy) one at home and went to the Banana Leaf restaurant in Bangsar. We got a table to ourselves after a short wait and then ordered chicken masala, mutton curry and sambal sotong to go along with our rice and side dishes. The lassi was delicious as usual too. :) YAY

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Sharon said...

I had lassi today at lunch. It was terrible, capital T. It's overly salted and eventhough I demand a change, the owner didn't get upset. He smiled. Good service! I saw the owner trying his best to get the right taste (he poked the straw and tasted) but it was still too salty for my palatte. For SG$1.50, I think he really tried his best.