Monday, December 28, 2009

X'mas and Boxing Day 2009

25 December 2009 (Friday)

It was a long and eventful X'mas weekend this year. We hosted Alan's good friends, KeeKiat and Julia and their three children Myron (7), Raeann (4) and Kaitlyn (7months). Their maid I-Is came along as well.

Their stay commenced when they arrived on X'mas evening after a long drive here. We took them to Robson's for a welcome dinner and ordered to feed an army (as usual). We had 2 sweet & sour crabs, 2 salted egg crabs, lala, vege, toufu, deer meat and a huge succulent fish. After the satisfying dinner (which I had to eat with one hand whilst I nursed Ethan), we all made our way back home to rest and relax the remaining of the X'mas evening away and open presents. (Ethan didn't seem to like his Bedtime Bear X'mas pressie from Daddy)

26 December 2009 (Saturday)

After a breakfast of home-made chocochip muffins, we all proceeded to Sunway Pyramid for a day of shopping. All the shops were still not open when we arrived at 930am and so we headed to the nearest Starbucks to sit and enjoy a cuppa. I had this bottle of juice (morning glory= kiwi + dragonfruit) that tasted like puke.

The shopping commenced and lasted for hours till we were all tired out. Lunch was at our favourite Vietnamese restaurant again. By the time we crawled back into the car at almost 3pm, my back and calves were hurting big time. Ethan had slept mostly through this expedition, thank God!

After resting for a couple of hours, we ventured out for dinner. Shabu Shabu here we come! We did not make reservations and had to sit at two separate tables. Myron sat with us and we were amazed and impressed by how much he can eat. hahaha.

27 December 2009 (Sunday)

We got to sleep in today and leave for MidValley a little later. We had brunch at the Taiwanese restaurant in The Gardens. Again, shopping followed. And coffee at CoffeeBean. I bought some fruits at the nearby fruit shop and then we returned home.

When our friends left for Malacca, ALan and I (and Ethan) collasped onto our bed and ZZZZzzzzzzzzZzzzz. What a tiring weekend!

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