Saturday, January 9, 2010

Facial Relief

Today was a good day. :)

Ethan initially had woken up at around 7am. I changed his diaper and played with him a bit. He's getting very interactive now and will respond to our voices and what we are saying. He always stares intently at his mobile in his cot and watches the little animals go by. His favourite is the blue little elephant and he actually gets slightly distressed when the elephant goes by him in whilst doing its rounds. hahahaa. I also put the unbreakable mirror in front of his face this morning and he smiled a bright big smile. ahahhaa. So adorable!

Anyway, the long and short of it was that we all went back to bed again and rouse only at around 10am. We quickly bathed Ethan and then Alan and I went for a swim. We did 20 laps this morning. I swear my pants are getting looser. :D

Lunch was a healthy sweet potato and meatball porridge afterwhich I put Ethan to bed with me and Alan went about his r/c car business. At around 320pm, he picked me up and we left for our much-coveted facial at Cres. Sad to say, my regular facial beautician had left and the one who was arranged to take her place today for me was not up to par. :(

After the facial, Alan and I had dinner at the foodcourt and then went to browse at Borders before picking up our car from the car wash and zooming home. We watched The Orphan on DVD and it was indeed a long but extremely thrilling movie. phew.

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