Thursday, January 7, 2010

Our short trip back to Singapore

5 January 2010 (Tuesday)

We drove back early (left the house at 1040am) to Singapore today. It was around 2+pm when we arrived in our homeland and 240pm when we arrived home in Siglap (after tapaoing meepok from East Coast Road).

The insurance agent, Jane, came at around 3pm, and Alan bought a 21year plan for our little one. When he hits 21, he can get his hands on almost $50k, but with the inflation and all by then, one really wonders if that sum is enough to see him through the university, his PHD etc. hahaha. We plan too far ahead, again.

After the agent had left, we zoomed down to Everton Park to meet with my long time friend cum housing agent, Ryan who showed us two units for rental. We are expanding Harriann's business (finally) and looking for a location to house a central kitchen. :)

After that, we visited Ah Ma at home and she beamed from ear to ear when carrying Ethan (who played his cards well and entertained her w/o crying). After that, it was a visit to The Pinnacle at Duxton as Sharon and Chris and just collected their keys today.

We viewed their new home and the sky garden on the 50th storey was bated breath and then hurried for dinner in Tiong Bahru. After that, and the family meeting, we left for home and Alan commenced his preparation of a ppt prezo he needed the day after.

6 January 2010 (Wednesday)

We all (except the dear husband) slept in today and I decided against bringing Ethan out. I wanted him to recuperate from the long drive the day before and the rushing from location to location. Poor little fella. :(

I bathed him at around 10+am but he persisted to cry in the bath tub - very odd for he loves his bath. THEN I found out why...when pieces of poo started floating to the surface of the crystal clear water. :P He continued to wail and my mum helped him outta the tub and I changed the water grudgingly. :P

At around 5pm, after posting Dot Dot's present to her at the nearby PO, we all made our way to Yvonne's house (not before stopping at the nearby 7-11 to pick up two tubs of Ben and Jerrys. :)

The pizzas had already arrived by the time we rang her doorbell. Tyler was sleeping after a traumatic day at the doc's during which he received his 6-in-1 jab. Ethan was his usual pesky self and alternated between feeding and crying.

After a couple of hours of good food and conversation, we all left - Alan to Waterina to meet Keekiat and analyze how to drift an R/c car and the rest of us, home.

Tonight, Ethan slept through from 10+pm till around 5am. A first for him (and for me) :P

7 January 2010 (Thursday)

Brunch was at Tiong Bahru market with Dad after we bathed the little one and left home. Then, it was F1 driving again. We left the causeway at around 1230pm and arrive in Bangsar at around 350pm. Well done, hubby! Ethan refused to sleep in the car seat again and I had to carry him most of the journey. I swear my biceps are getting more pronounced. :P

After dinner, we ignored the pitiful cries of the 2.5month old and made our way to Liang Xin spa where we treated ourselves to a 1.5hour heavenly full-body massage. The Masseur, Fu Gui, rubbed my woes away and stepped all over me (literally). I could hear the cracking of my joints quite audibly I must say!

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