Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Ethan's Full Moon Celebrations

18th Decemeber 2009 (Friday)

We woke up early and gave our little one a bath (yes, we had lugged the bath tub back to Singapore) and then left for ICA to pick up Ethan's passport. Alan and I were suitably inpressed with the efficiency of the personnel and within no time, we collected our son's spanking new red passport. :) YaY.

After that, all of us (including Rose Por Por) headed to Marina Square for breakfast. NOthing else was open except Yan Kun and so we settled our meal there. I had a set breakfast of kaya toast and tea (and donated my half-boiled eggs to Alan). YuMz. After that leisure meal, we strolled towards the kiddie's section where I picked up 4 nursing tops and 1 pair of 3/4 pants and a set of mittens and booties for Ethan again.

By then, Jean had joined us, and after my nursing session in the squeezy and stinky nursing room, we all went for a 1-for-1 lunch at Durty Nelly's. The food was good and the citibank discount was fantastic and after that we paid a deposit for Ethan's full moon celebration luncheon which was to be held the day after.

After that, we headed for my father-in-law's place where we presented Ah Ma with her great-grandson and then left for Amara Hotel where we would be spending three nights.

After checking in and relaxing for a bit, everyone joined us for dinner at the Japanese restaurant nearby and we all enjoyed a fun time laughing and savouring the yummy meal.

19th December 2009 (Saturday)

Today was an exciting day as little Ethan was to hold his first full moon celebration at Durty Nelly's Irish Pub, Marina Square. We got there admist the rain at noon and then the frenzied entertaining of guests began.

Everyone showered our little one with gifts and clamoured to carry him and he put on his best behaviour to please the crowd. hahaa What a relief. I was going to ask the waitress to turn up the volume of the music in the pub if Ethan made a din. Ethan was passed from one excited and passionate aunty to the next and showered with kisses from Aunty Alexis who claimed she had just been to a dentist and therefore she was deemed 'clean' enough to kiss him. One wonders if the dentist scaled her lips instead of her teeth? hahaha

It was 4pm when e'thing was over and we all left with loads of presents and leftovers. Thankfully we had my 3 fairy children to help us cart e'thing to our car!

In the evening, my inlaws joined us and we polished most of the leftovers off for our dinner, too tired to leave the hotel.

20th December 2009 (Sunday)

Again, we had to wake up early and get our baby ready for yet another celebration. Today's luncheon was held jointly as a full moon celebration for Ethan's new born cousin, Tyler too!
We arrived at Fernwood Condo at around 1145pm and I went up to Yvonne's place to feed Ethan first.

We all went down to the function room at around 1230pm to welcome the guests who had started to trickle in. Soon, the small function room was bustling with life and activity. We collected yet another round of angpaos/ gifts and tried to savour the good food catered specially by Rose Por Por.

At 3+pm, the party ended and we left exhausted and returned to Amara Hotel for a short rest. Our next stop was Vivo City where the whole family gathered again for dinner. Prior to dinner, we brought TK to Toys 'R Us to pick a barbie doll for her X'mas present and then had a delicious but horrifyingly expensive dinner at Tung Lok restaurant. Then, it was back to Amara to crash.

21st Decemeber 2009 (Monday)

Deciding last minute to return to Singapore one day later, we spent the whole of today in ORchard road after we checked out from Amara Hotel. First, we headed to Tang's but the children's section was so puny that I ended up just buying wet wipes and cotton wool. Ethan started getting fidgety and so we returned to the car and I fed him.

Dad came down and we all headed to Centrepoint (as Paragon's CP was full) and I met Yvonne was tea there at Starbucks. Over iced tea, we exchanged details on how our lives had altered significantly with our sons in the picture and time flew by.

It was 415pm when Alan called me and I quicked scampered down to meet them (my mum included). We headed to M1 to pick up a new phone for my mother and was stuck there for HOURS. Alan and Dad headed over to Singtel at Taka to choose a new hp too and they were served at a MUCH faster rate. :P

DInner was a delicious Teochew cuisine at Teochew City restaurant at Centrepoint and we all decided that this would be a great place to hold our yearly CNY reunion dinner. ;)

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