Friday, October 16, 2009

A new weight gain plan..

Ok folks, It's NOT that I'm NOT fat enough.. but my son isn't so what to do?

I've been eating small meals but more frequently. Today's breakfast was two slices of bread with ham and cheese and a cup of milk. A few hours later, lunch was a big plate of fried rice. Then a couple of hours later, I had tea break, consisting of a cup of milo, a piece of prune kuay lapis and a small bowl of leftover sweet potato soup. And then for dinner , I had a big plate of Aglio Olio with prawns and chicken bits and bacon. Now I am having some fruits and later on I will eat a bowl of red bean soup and have a tall glass of soya bean milk.

BURPS. Now I am indulging in afternoon naps as well. Just in case it was the lack of rest that has made Ethan 'go on diet'. Ethan BETTER put on weight if not I pengsan...

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