Monday, October 12, 2009

4D3Ns countdown

The countdown has started: no no , not for the delivery of Ethan Tan but for The Return of The Husband...hahaha sounds like another episode of Star Wars. :P
Alan has left early this morning to fly to Singapore to meet up with his bosses and then he's due in Jakarta on Tuesday to look at the ops and see how things are run to familiarise himself . Ethan has since promised not to see the world until Daddy gets home (so that Mummy can abuse him in the delivery suite). An Eye for An Eye, I say!

He will be back on Thursday night and a No Fly Zone shall be imposed after that. Tomorrow, I shall make my way to the gynae's alone (for once) for my regular check-up.

Sunday 12 October 2009

We roused early 8am to bring the doggies for their obedience class. Jay Jay was HORRIBLE in behaviour and very affected by the neighbouring Alsatian. He REFUSED to down stay and do his normal tricks. Thank heavens this is just a refresher course for him - he has already passed the Pre-Novice examination with 94%! Coco was a good boy and an angel - he always seems to behave himself only in class. : P Let's hope he keeps that up for his exam is next Sunday! :O

After the class, Alan and I bought noodles back for brunch and then I drifted back to sleep for an hour + before ALan woke me up to go for our beauty treatments. We went to The Gardens and had a quick dessert (yam and sweet corn / ice jelly) at Jonker Sweets before heading to Cres at 3pm.

They kept us waiting again but it was worth it. My stem cell facial was heavenly and Alan's back was cracked under the strong hands of the massage auntie. Both of us fell into a stupor for 1.5hrs.

After that, it was time to SHOP. Isetan was having a sale and Alan bought a pair of shoes (to replace the robber's loot) at 40% off from Rm369. (Ermmm.. He wore it this morning and it promptly gave way after less than 3hours. sigh) Then, we headed to the Crocs section (going for 40% off) and I bought another pair of Mary Janes and Alan another pair of colourful slippers. He wanted to replace his orange colour shoes (the one that the bugger had stolen, but there was no size). Next, he picked up a shirt from Raoul for 50% off and then we headed to the cashier (after signing up for the Isetan card). hahaha

After leaving The Gardens, we picked up En (and dumped all our purchases at home) and sent her to TMC to pick up some groceries. Alan and I then headed to the Pasar Malum to pick up fresh seafood (two huge slices of cod fish for Ethan, some prawns and 2 small pomfrets) and some vegetables and fruits. Then, enroute, we picked up En (who had done the shopping at lightning speed and was waiting for us) at the carpark area.

Alan and I had banana leaf Indian food (mutton rendang - chewy and bland, honey chicken - tasty and succulent and fried calamari, together with rice and vegetables and curry) washed down with sweet lassi. Ohhhh. delicious! Alan's craving was satisfied!

Then, we headed home to pack for Alan's trip and Ye Seong came over to pick up the 1/4 banana cake which was promised to them and to say HeLLo to Coco and Jay Jay. :D Because Jay Jay would be celebrating his 2nd birthday (gosh how time flies) the next day and Alan wouldn't be at home, we bought him a big slice of Secret Recipe Pecan and Butterscotch cake and sang him a birthday song before treating him (and Coco) to the sinful cake.

For once, Alan fell asleep early (1130pm) before a flight the next day and he had a restful night. :D

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